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The Christ

Dec 3, 2023    Pastor Marc Williamson

most people have lost sight & understanding of what this festive celebration we call Christmas is all about. That’s why every year we take the opportunity to remediate all of us on the significance of Jesus & His birth. GOD broke His 400-year silence when Christ entered our world & He spoke through His Son. As we peer into the manger once again, I pray that we see, with pristine clarity, what GOD wants the whole world to see. To see this event with eyes of understanding we must consider those 3 titles in verse 11: Jesus is the Christ, He is the Savior, & He is the Lord. We’re going to look at each of those titles over the next 3 messages because they individually convey a wonderful truth about the One whose birth we celebrate, & together those 3 titles explain the full meaning of Christmas. This morning I want us to first consider the title of “Christ.” The angel said, “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is CHRIST…”