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The Lord Is My Shepherd - Part 1

Sep 24, 2023    Pastor Marc Williamson

This morning, I feel impressed as the pastor to give some comfort & encouragement to GOD’s people. For many of you here today & for some listening at home & perhaps in the hospital, the last few days & weeks have been extremely difficult. Many of us feel tired, weary, & spent. Some have heavy hearts & the waves of sorrow just keep washing over your mind. I’ve had a few tell me recently they’re discouraged about situations they’re facing. And some are anxious, even fearful, about the uncertainty of what the coming days might bring.

Because of this, the Lord has led us back into this very familiar Psalm in order to refresh us. Since ministering from this passage again last Tuesday while standing by the graveside of a faithful servant of GOD, I’ve been greatly helped & encouraged by this wonderful portion of GOD’s Word. And with the help of the Lord, I want to give you a fresh drink from the well of Scripture by looking again at this chapter from which I have been drinking the last few days.