The Power for Prayer

Feb 21, 2024    Pastor Marc Williamson

Church, prayer is where communion takes place between us & the Father, 

it’s where we spend time worshipping the Lord, it’s how we bring our needs & requests to GOD, it’s how we intercede on behalf of others, & it’s how we obtain the Spirit’s energy & empowering for spiritual warfare. Christians, we are in a spiritual battle (our minds are under attack; our spirituality is under attack; our marriages, children, & churches are under attack) & we cannot fight this battle in our own energy no matter how strong, intellectual, talented, or seasoned we may think we are. We set ourselves up for failure, like Peter & the disciples in their hour of temptation, when we neglect prayer. We are removing the “spiritual batteries” so to speak from our lives when we are not praying. What is it that energizes the believer’s life & enables him to wear the armor of GOD & wield the sword of the Spirit? It is the Spirit of GOD. And how do we experience His enabling power? Through prayer!