Powerful Prayer

Jan 17, 2024    Pastor Marc Williamson

Friends, prayer is not only our communion with the Father through the Son, but it is also our connection to the power of GOD made available in Christ. The Christian life starved of prayer is like a lamp that that isn’t plugged into an electrical outlet. While it could shine & make a great impact in this dark world, it doesn’t because it doesn’t have Heaven’s electricity. However, if you find a believing man or woman who is a true prayer warrior, you will discover a person who has the power of GOD on their life because of their great faith in Him & a person whose prayer life moves the heart of GOD to make a difference in lives & earthly situations. Tragically, too many Christians treat prayer as an insignificant accessory to the Christian life when it is a critical ingredient that can bring GOD’s power into any circumstance. What I’m saying is that prayer is too big of a deal to ignore or give little attention to! We need to see prayer just as essential to our spiritual lives as breathing is to our physical lives!