The Dangers & Defense of Prayer

Jan 24, 2024    Pastor Marc Williamson

     Did you know that a righteous person who has an effectual & fervent prayer life which avails much, which sees GOD move in response to their praying, can have their prayer life shut down overnight & end up in a cave of despair? You say, “I’m not so sure about that, brother Marc.” Well, let me present “Exhibit A” to the court. In fact, I’d like to call brother Elijah to the stand to testify of this reality. You see, Elijah is the Bible’s own example of the spiritual principle which states—“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much ” (James 5:16-18). After that statement, Elijah is given as the example of what prevailing, effectual-fervent prayer of a righteous man looks like. James has        1 Kings chapters 17 & 18 in mind when he writes of Elijah. Elijah, according to the Word of the Lord, prayed & GOD closed the heavens up so that it would not rain upon the land of Israel. 3.5 years later, according to the Word of the Lord, Elijah prayed again & the heavens opened & brought forth rain.