The Road To Revival & Restoration

Oct 12, 2022    Pastor Marc Williamson

We’re on the brink of our annual camp meeting & I’m preaching this message in preparation of it. You see, I’m praying that GOD will send revival. Listen, the Christian church has never had so much, as far as resources are concerned. There are church buildings all around the world. There are plans for new constructions being laid out even as we speak. There are thousands of Christian colleges training people for ministry. There are online courses now available to anyone who wants extra Biblical education. We have hundreds of Christian publishing companies that are putting out Bibles, Gospel tracts, & all sorts of Christian literature. Not only that, but we also have religious broadcasts on tv & radio 24/7. We even have social media apps today that make sermons & religious blogs about every topic imaginable available at our fingertips.

With all that we have you might wonder what more do we need? Let me tell you up front—we need revival! You see, despite all that we have today, if the Spirit of the living GOD does not infuse the church with His presence & power, if there’s not a dynamic inflowing, outflowing, & overflowing of the Holy Ghost, this all that we have is worthless.