Islamic Terror

Oct 29, 2023    Pastor Marc Williamson

Words like Jihad, Caliphate, Sharia Law, & Islamic extremism are now common in our vocabularies. Before 9/11, words such as these were foreign to most people living in Western civilization. The reason for this is because militant Muslims are making world headlines everyday with their shocking violence. Many seem to have forgotten that Hamas militants, the radical Muslim group in Gaza, are the ones who sparked the current war in Israel. In fact, after their terrorist attack on Israel (on Oct. 7th), they posted videos of themselves torturing, capturing, beating, & parading innocent Jewish civilians through the streets of Gaza while chanting “Allahu Akbar” — Arabic for “God is great.” Make no mistake, the turmoil in the Middle East is being fueled by Islamic ideology. Naturally, you may be wondering, “What does radical Islam have to do with end time events & the return of Jesus Christ?” Well, we are going to answer that.