GOD’s Compassion In Loneliness

Dec 21, 2022    Pastor Marc Williamson

Many of us have already attended a child’s school program, perhaps a company Christmas party, a church social, or some type of family gathering. The celebration of this season brings people together like no other time. And while there are no shortages of events where people can gather in celebration of this festive season, this is still the loneliest time of the year for a lot of people. 

As I stated in a previous message, while loneliness is common to all men since the fall, it is a growing problem in our depersonalized society, & the holidays just intensify the problem. A study by the American Council of Life Insurance reported that the loneliest group in America are college students. That was surprising to me! Next on the list are divorced people, welfare recipients, single mothers, rural students, housewives, & last, the elderly.