Dec 14, 2022    Pastor Marc Williamson

Every year we celebrate Christmas & the birth of Christin the context of merriment. But if a true believer with spiritual discernment looks around the world at this time of the year, he will discover that there is not anything to be merry about. The birth of Christ, for the world, has simply become an excuse to indulge one’s own desires, heap up treasures upon earth, & feed our selfish cravings no matter the cost. Christ is actually an intruder upon most at this season because His worship gets in the way of our festivities & His character & teachings, well, if taken literally they just cramp the fun. Now, I expect a Christ-less world to behave this way. But the tragedy is when professing believers behave this way & put on the passing world’s attitudes rather than the mind of Christ. For that reason, lest we fall prey to the spirit of our age, I feel compelled to remind you of the mind of Christ. If we do not put on His attitudes, our Christmas, like the world’s, will also be Christ-less.