The Celebration of Christmas

Dec 25, 2022    Pastor Marc Williamson

While Christmas is without question a Christian holiday, most of what now goes on in our society is no longer tied to its sacred Biblical meaning, & thus this holiday has vastly become a secular celebration. The word secular refers simply to that which is not religious, sacred, or spiritual. For example, in the months of November & December, many radio stations now play “Christmas music”, music which very rarely mentions anything about Jesus. From coast to coast, families & friends will gather today to share a meal & there will be talk about football, the weather, inflation, or of memories past, but missing from the conversations will be the reason for Christmas—the Incarnation of GOD’s Son, Jesus Christ. Many children will wake up today with no clue that this is the Lord’s Day, & with no understanding of the significance of Jesus’ birth (& this is not their faults), & instead of being taught about the Christ of Christmas they will be indoctrinated with tales of flying reindeer & a fictional character in a red suit. Tragically, the secular view of Christmas now dominates our culture. The most disgraceful evidence of how the secular view of Christmas has infected Christians is by what will not happen in many churches when Christmas falls on a Sunday. Many churches, including those that claim to be evangelical, have cancelled their worship service today because it is Christmas.