The Conflict of Christmas - Part 1

Dec 4, 2022    Pastor Marc Williamson

To understand the meaning of the Christmas story you have to start at the beginning. By that I mean Genesis. In the opening of the Bible we are informed of the conflict between Satan and humanity through the fall of man. This conflict presents us with a dilemma. Will God abandon His creation to the consequences of their own sin or will He intervene. Thankfully, God in grace gave a promise to send a Redeemer to rescue fallen man, crush his evil enemy, and destroy the works of the devil. The Redeemer that God promised would be His own Son as Isaiah would later prophesy. On that first Christmas night, God kept His word by sending His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ to save repentant, believing sinners. In this series we will walk through the 4 important Truths of Christmas which unfold the glorious plan of God in the Christmas story. 

We’re calling this series The Four C’s of Christmas. Each “C” represents one of the important aspects of the Christmas story.

Our first lesson is on “The Conflict of Christmas”