Sufficient Grace

Sep 10, 2023    Pastor Marc Williamson

I read an article last week about how to freshen the air in your home or office without resorting to artificial chemicals. Since fake scent sprays like Glade contain harmful chemicals, the article listed several herbs which provide some of the very best aromas. As I read the article a statement caught my attention. It said that “to fully release the natural fragrance contained within herbs & certain flowers, they must be crushed.” In other words, until the herbs & certain flowers are broken, while they may have a mild pleasant scent, the fulness of their fragrant potential is limited & greatly concealed.

Brothers & sisters, for GOD to release the aroma of His grace into our lives & from our lives, He must do the same thing—He has to crush & break us. He has to crush our pride; He has to break our self-sufficiency. It’s then that His grace flows into our lives & is released from our lives as a sweet-smelling fragrance in the smell of GOD & the many around us.