The Kiss Of Death

Mar 29, 2023    Pastor Marc Williamson

From the human stand point of the disciples it seemed as if everything spun out of control for Jesus that night in the Garden of Gethsemane. They were used to seeing Jesus in the role of the victor as He championed over the wind & waves, demons, diseases, & silenced His many critics when they came to confront Him. Never had they witnessed Him in a situation where He appeared to be a victim. From their perspective, at this Passover, everything appeared to go wrong. You see, during the Passover meal Jesus told the disciples that He is soon to leave them. As He instituted the memorial supper in the Upper Room, He informed them that this was in remembrance of His sacrificial death. He also stunned them with the news that one of them would betray Him. And He’s told them on the way to the Garden that they would desert Him & Peter will deny Him. Everything seems to be falling apart to the disciples on this infamous night. event at this point only seemed to add to the disgrace & defeat of Jesus. And yet amid these shocking & satanic events, Christ displays absolute sovereignty & serenity because He was no victim. This had always been the plan as revealed in the OT.