Jesus' Triumphal Entry - Part 1

Mar 22, 2023    Pastor Marc Williamson

At this point in Luke’s Gospel, Jesus is at the end of His earthly ministry.  3 ½ years earlier, following His baptism by John, Jesus purposefully began to evangelize Judea, then Galilee, then regions around Galilee, then Judea again, & finally Perea. During those years of His public ministry, the Lord Jesus Christ literally saturated the entire nation of Israel with the preaching of the Gospel & the performing of countless miracles which validated His Messianic claims. But now the time had come for Christ to do that for which He ultimately came to do – to die upon the cross as the sacrifice for the sins of the world. So, after healing two blind men in Jericho (Mtt. 20:30) & saving a tax collector named Zacchaeus (Lk. 19:2), the Lord made His final journey to Jerusalem. Jesus, fully conscious of the divine timetable for GOD’s salvation plan, had timed the journey just right in order to end up in Jerusalem for the celebration of Passover. Accompanying Jesus to Jerusalem were His disciples & an enormous crowd of people.