Jesus' Triumphal Entry - Part 2

Mar 26, 2023    Pastor Marc Williamson

All of the details of the Triumphal Entry —Jesus on a colt, the coats of people strewn on the road, the palm branches being waved & cast before the Lord, & the words from Psalm 118 used by the shouting crowds— indicated the arrival of the Messiah into Jerusalem. This entire scene revealed that the Lord was in sovereign control of every single detail of this event, & He was making a statement to the nation. The donkey He rode prophesied of His position as King & His lowly character as servant— He came to be a burden-bearer. The Hallel Psalm repeated on the people’s lips, “Blessed be the King that cometh in the name of the Lord,” declared His Messiahship. This was the moment that Jesus was presented publicly to Israel as her Messiah — a moment predetermined before the foundations of the world.